The prevailing view and reality of support and services in the biotech industry is changing. When companies are limited in size and funding, many of them employ the use of consultants, independent contractors, and contract research organizations with specific areas of expertise in areas where maintaining an internal staff, or entire departments, is not feasible or desirable.  Whereas many companies have long employed contractors to manage payroll, IT services, or clinical trials, consultants can now be contracted to manage every aspect of your business and provide specialized research services. This approach allows companies to remain flexible by reducing overhead expenses and managing resources more efficiently. HMTP recognizes this changing dynamic within the biotech industry and understands the unique needs and challenges of start-up biotech companies. In addition to the contract administration services we provide, we can effectively manage your relationships with other consultants and CROs from initial engagement to ongoing communication and oversight. We can also leverage our network of industry service providers and provide assistance searching for and evaluating potential contractors to meet your specific needs.