HMTP can provide a wide range of contract administration services to manage your company’s engagement and interaction with external partners, vendors, and clients.  Acting as your internal contract manager, we can prepare draft contracts and templates to protect your business and scientific assets, and we can review, interpret, and identify issues in contracts you are asked to enter into by other parties.  Our role is to assist you in understanding a contract’s terms and their impact upon your business.  We will negotiate contractual terms and conditions prior to execution, making specific recommendations and proposing changes when necessary, while also ensuring your contracts comply with your established company policies and procedures.  Whether we work in support of your existing team, or directly with your vendors and clients on your behalf, we will ensure your contracts are not only favorable to your business, but that they also conform to standard industry practices.  Drawing on our experience reviewing and negotiating thousands of research contracts, our services include contracts related to confidential disclosure, contracted research services, materials transfers, consultants, research collaborations, sponsored research, manufacturing, licensing, and clinical trials.

In addition to contract review and administration services, we can assist you in creating and establishing company policies with regard to contracts, review and approval workflows, financial controls, and tracking systems.